Who runs the relationship?


Someone once said to me, “whoever cares the least runs the relationship.”  Understandable point of view, yet here is my response, and it applies not only to romantic relationships, but all relationships:

First of all, if you are in a relationship in which you have to use the word “run” to describe its nature, by all means RUN away.  If this statement rings true on either side, then you are not in the right relationship — one that connects you with your highest self.  Love is fluid, meaning in fluctuates.  One day one person will feel that they are more invested, and the next day the opposite may be true.  However, I say God forbid you choose to fill your life with people whom you can limit your care for.  Beliefs such as this one set your relationship up for failure, and beg for a life lived in fractions.  If you have truly fallen in love with yourself before you fell in love with your partner, then you would not accept a relationship in which you have to hold back the full extent of love you have to offer, or which you are shorted of the love your partner is capable of giving.  True love is limitless, unbounded, timeless… it does not exist within a perimiter of which someone can monitor.

So if you are with someone who either consciously or subconsciously has this perspective — ask yourself why you would allow yourself to be with a person who is capable of confining their love for you.  And if you ARE the someone who either consciously or subconsciously believes this way — my wish is that you open yourself up to finding someone who you simply cannot contain your love for.

The one who cares less is settling for a love equally as unfulfilling as the one who cares more.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu!


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