LIGHT is my absolute favorite word.  Understanding the different meanings of this word has taught me so many lessons and brought me so much clarity about who I am and about the life that I want to create for myself.  Here are the two most important lessons I have learned from taking off my blinders and living in the LIGHT:

  • Firstly, travel LIGHT on this journey of life.  What’s good for your soul will give you wings; it will take you higher.  What’s toxic to your spirit will weigh you down, poison you, and stunt your growth.  Let go of any heavy baggage… it will exhaust you carrying all of that weight around and therefore you won’t travel very far… certainly not far enough to accomplish your dreams.  It’s simple, people who are meant to travel your highest path with you are easy to travel with!  They hold themselves up and walk beside you.  They don’t ask you to carry them and all of their baggage, holding you back.  The LIGHTER you travel, the higher you’ll go.  And that choice is always yours.
  • Secondly, be a LIGHT in this Universe!  Shine shine shine.  No one again will ever exist that can radiate the same LIGHT that you can.  People are drawn to the LIGHT.  I promise that those who serve the highest purpose in your life want to be around you as you shine.  Those who do not have your best interest in mind are jealous of your LIGHT, and it’s probably because they haven’t yet looked inside themselves to find their own.  And that’s okay, that’s their adventure to embark on.  But whatever you do, please never… ever… dim your LIGHT because it is shining in someone else’s eyes.  Do not make yourself smaller to stroke somebody else’s tiny dark ego.  Everyone has their own LIGHT.  Selfish is someone who drains you of yours when they have their own just sitting inside of them, waiting to be set free.  Faithless are you to allow someone to do this.  Your LIGHT will guide you, always.  This is why it’s so important.  What looks scary and unfamiliar in the dark may actually be beautiful and glorious in the LIGHT.

So turn it on.  Turn your LIGHT on!  It will guide you, it will inspire others to connect with theirs, and it will brighten the world.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu!


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