Create your Space


We are each responsible for the vibrational energy that we hold in our space.  We are the sole creators of our lives.  What if you chose to stand in your truth, regardless of the possible repercussions?  What if you chose to be playful with yourself and others, rather than worry about how people perceive you?  What if you loved fully, with every bit and piece of your being, instead of hiding behind a wall of protection?  What if you chose to step into a space of higher consciousness, and let go of the belief that money, appearance, or status are of any value to ones worth?  What if you trusted that there exists a reason for having this human experience, and as a result enjoyed life’s simple pleasures a little bit more?  What if you decided to be genuinely happy for the success and joy of others, because you understood that there is no such thing as saturation?  What if you gave thanks and felt gratitude for every single thing you have, everything you don’t have, all that you no longer have, and everything you will have someday, because you surrendered to the knowingness that it is all absolutely perfect as is?  What if you were just YOU, exactly as you are right now, and recognized that those who are meant to connect with your rawness simply will?  What if you let your light shine at all times, no matter how many people wish or try to dim it?  What if you chose to live this life as your highest self — as an integrated being — living as ALL of you, ALL of the time, paying no matter to if there are some people who just don’t get you?  What if you created your world, instead of living in someone else’s?  What if?  Why not?

What unique Universe are you creating in your space?

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu!


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