Uneasy Gratitude


Today, I encourage you to affirm gratitude for those things which we don’t always feel thankful for.  If you don’t understand how, then borrow my affirmations to start:

  • I am grateful for… my insecurities, because they make me real and relatable to my friends and family, creating a deeper, more authentic connection.
  • I am grateful for… that in my life which feels painful right now, because I know without this feeling I would not know how to recognize and appreciate pure joy.
  • I am grateful for… the everyday little annoyances I face, because I know that if I traded with somebody else I would probably want mine back.
  • I am grateful for… my heart having been broken, because although at first it may have felt like my world was shattered, I know now that it was broken to be opened.
  • I am grateful for… doors in my life that have been slammed in my face, because I know that I will only be guided through ones that are meant for my highest purpose.
  • I am grateful for… my flaws, because if I didn’t take the time to recognize them, then I wouldn’t know that my list of wonderful qualities is so, so much longer.

Okay, your turn!  Let’s hear what in your life might seem hard to give thanks to, but that you can create a space of gratitude for!

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu!


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